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List of Terms

This page is a list of common Mountain Man terms that sound like Greek to the Flatlander!


  • Atlatl - Bar for throwing spear.
  • Billet - Elk antler used for knapping stone for points
  • Birch Bark - Bark of the birch tree used for dwellings, boats and boxes.
  • Bone awl - Sharpened bone for leather hole punching.
  • Breast plate - Bone or bead rows tied in rows hung from neck.
  • Breech clout - Strip of cloth or leather worn between legs in place of pants.
  • Buckskin - Tanned hides of deer or elk.
  • Calico - Small flower-patterned cotton material.
  • Capote - Wool coat used by Mountain Men.
  • Chevron bead - Striped glass bead.
  • Dew cloth - Liner of Tipi essential to draw air/smoke out of Tipi.
  • Flatlander - Someone from the valley below(city dweller.)
  • Free Trapper - A Mountain Man that traps for himself, not for a company (e.g., American Fur Company.)
  • Hawk - This is the abbreviation of Tomahawk.
  • Horn - A steer horn that has been hollowed out and capped, so that it will hold Black powder.
  • Lance - A Spear.
  • Lacing Pins - Wooden pegs to hold the Tipi together.
  • Leggings - Pants without the seat requiring a Breech clout.
  • Lodge - This usually is used in reference to a Tipi, but it can be used when referring to a Wall Tent, Pyramid, Wedge, etc.
  • Parfleche - Containers made out of Rawhide.
  • Pitch - Pine tree sap.
  • Plew - The cured pelt from a Beaver.
  • Quillwork - Decoration made from porcupine quills.
  • Rawhide - The hide of an animal that has been cleaned, but not tanned (softened).
  • Sinew - Tendons of animals used for sewing and wrapping.
  • Strike-a-lite - Container (usually leather) made to hold flint and steel.
  • Willow back rest - A mat made of willow branches formed into a tripod (made for sitting on).


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